Workshops & Retreats...

Inspired to Dream has been created with the intention of helping you to remember...

Remember what you might ask?

To remember what it is like to smile, to be happy, to live a life that is inspiring,  fullfilling, joyful, peaceful and a true

reflection of your hopes and dreams.

To be amazed at the magic and wonder that surrounds you in every moment...

To live a life so full that when you go to bed at night all you can do is smile and be thankful for all the people, gifts and experiences that you have been blessed with.

With this in mind Inspired to Dream invites you on a journey of self discovery.

We are here to help, nurture and support.

Like all things that are worthwhile, it is important to remember this is a journey.

A journey that starts with a single step...

As you fully apply the techniques learnt along the way, you will be offered an opportunity to both examine your life and evolve. This will result in positive change that will leave you feeling uplifted and content, and your life will begin to be a true reflection of your dreams.

We must acknowledge that life has its ups and downs, but rather than seeing these as obstacles to hold you back, we help you to see them as opportunities to propel you forward.


We support and encourage you to combine this new perspective with your profound skill set so that your predominant state of being is one based in love and peace.

In order to maximize your experience we have divided our workshop and retreat programmes into three levels.

Each level builds on the one before, and allows you to continue to grow and prosper as you move along your journey.

The level one program can be taken on its own; however, levels two and three require completion of the preceding levels.

Both our workshops and retreats are comprehensive, powerful and very healing.

In order to maximise your experience and support your growth our workshop and retreat programmes will follow the format below.

We are very excited to be of service to you, and look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Level One - Path of Self Discovery

This level is all about you and how you can move towards living the life of your dreams.


It offers you an opportunity to learn the basics in Spiritual Principles and practices and how to most effectvely apply these to your life.


This level is very hands on and practical in its approach.


You have the opportunity to gather, learn and implement skills, tools and strategies that will both help you to improve your life but creating some of the "things"  your would like while at the same time aligning you with your happiness.


In addittion you will learn more about the possibilities of WHO you are at your core, the gfts you have been blessed with and what purpose you serve.


From a personal perspective, this level is about discovering WHO you are.

Level Two - Expanding Your Light

This level is about your inner well being.


After applying the principles learnt in Level One, your life is now more a reflection of how you would like it to be.


During this next phase you are encouranged to expand your thinking and Spiritual practices more deeply. This serves to create a platform that will result in an even more fulfilling and rewarding life.


This level focuses more on the internal processing rather than the external gratification.


This involves the opportunity to create a sense of inner peace, balance and understanding within both your heart and mind.


Following the process provided, you will be able to create and customize a personal plan that will enable you to take the steps that are needed to create the life of your dreams.


From a personal perspective this level is about developing an understanding and acceptance of WHO  you are.


Level Three - Live Life Your Way

In this level you will raise your energy to a higher vibrational level.


You have the opportunity to learn more about and expand WHO you are, incorporate concepts relating to the bigger picture and how the Universal Principles or "system"  actually works.


This level is about Spiritual awareness.


In this level you will learn about the joy that is felt through the gift of helping another in some way.


It involves the examination of forgiveness, releasing, acceptance with understanding, soul contracts, karma and aligning with your Higher Spirit.


By this stage, your life already feels fulfilled and content and with that peace in your heart, in whichever way - big or small, you look to make a difference in the world.


From a personal perspective, this level is about embracing all of WHO you are, all that you have to give, and being at peace with WHO you have become.