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Inspired to Dream

Today I choose to remember that I am a Being of Divine Love filled with infinite possibilities.


I share my spirit with all those around me, and I openly accept the joy this brings.


I affirm that I am destined to soar, succeed and live a life filled with love, joy and peace.


By choosing to follow the path of my heart, my dreams are fulfilled.


Today I embrace all of WHO I AM.


I shine my light and make a difference; and in doing so, I remind others to do the same.


And so it is.



Teresa is an inspiration.

She has the ability to touch you in a way that is profound, often leading to tears of awe, empowerment and joy.

Whilst she is humble, it is abundantly clear – time and time again, that she possesses and ancient wisdom that touches you at your core.

Every time you speak to her you come away feeling empowered, fulfilled and peaceful.

Her magnificence is only eclipsed by her loving nature and beautiful spirit.

She speaks in a way that is easy to understand, but with a knowledge that helps you to feel safe.

It is an honour to know and connect with this beautiful being, and I am blessed beyond measure to have her share this journey with me.

Patricia L – Sydney

Teresa has been a beacon of strength and support in my life for a very long time now.

She uses her skills to channel spiritual guidance for me which nurtures me so I can move ahead in life, step-by-step. There were moments in my life I wasn't clear on how to move ahead and used to live with the constant anxiousness of what lies ahead. Teresa would use her wisdom to tell me the right information at the right time which would allow me to fearlessly take bold steps to make my life better.

Other than that - Teresa is a great listener and thus, a really good friend. She has a great sense of humour makes you feel at ease - before you know it, she'll make you feel as if you've known each other for years :)

She is an extremely insightful person and has a real knack of knowing what you're going through within yourself.

All in all, she is nothing short of an earth angel :)

Devish M – UAE

I first met Teresa over 5 years ago. 

She is an amazing person, and a person that I've been able to share lots of deep and personal issues with. 

Her approach has always been warm and caring and filled with insight and direction. 

Over time, the bond that we've been able to build has helped me with may situations and decisions that I have needed to make. She has helped me by channelling information from Spirit,and she continues to give me tools that empower me, while she shares her spiritual wisdom that helps me feel better. 

I am so very happy to have Teresa in my life. 

Thank you Teresa - you are an excellent professional.

Angela P - Melbourne 

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