About Teresa

Teresa is a warm caring soul, blessed with an innate ability to connect with people both at heart and soul level.


She offers insight and direction using honest, open and caring communication.


 With a gentle word she instantly helps you to feel safe and peaceful.


She can quickly identify what is at the core of what you are going through seeing beyond what appears apparent on the surface, and can easily guide you to seeing things a different way.


At the same time she equips you with the tools that you need so you can stand empowered to create positive and uplifting change in your life.


The combination of her inner wisdom, intuition and learning will gently guide and encourage you towards creating the life of your dreams.


As you make positive, inspiring and uplifting changes in your own life, you will in turn help others to do the same, and together, make a real difference in the world.


Being a part of the Inspired to Dream family and this amazing process will have a positive and profound impact not only on your daily life but also on the life path before you.


We look forward to welcoming you really soon!