Happiness Your Way!


Hi everyone!


Really excited to be offering our new workshop “Happiness Your Way!”


Life has a tendency to fly by, one day turns into the next, and before you know it another year has passed.


We get so caught up in day to day living that we forget what it feels like to actually LIVE!


Do you remember what it is like to smile, to be happy, to live a life that is inspiring, fulfilling, joyful, and peaceful and a true reflection of your hopes and dreams?


To be amazed at the magic and wonder that surrounds you in every moment?


To live a life so full that when you go to bed at night all you can do is smile and be thankful for all the people, gifts and experiences that you have been blessed with?


If this is not what your life looks like right now, but you would like it to be, then we can help...


Join us for a day of fun, meet like minded people and together we will unlock your Spiritual toolbox where you will learn skills and techniques that when applied will result in lasting change.


We must acknowledge that life has its ups and downs – it happens to all of us, but rather than seeing these as obstacles to hold you back, we help you to see them as opportunities to propel you forward.


With your new skills in hand, feel uplifted, fulfilled, excited and hopeful as you confidently move toward creating your life so that it is a true reflection of your version of happiness.


Course Includes:

  • Full Day programme
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Lots of exciting goodies to help you stay in track, plus lots more.

Investment: $185.00 including GST




Registrations for November Events have now closed.

More dates to be announced for 2019!

Looking forward to welcoming you with big hugs and much love!


Teresa xx