No act of kindness is to small


Every once in a while it is really important that we stop and remember just how much of impact we actually have on other people’s lives.


Often times when we think of making a difference we think of big important and significant events. Perhaps a doctor who saves a life or someone who gives an anonymous gift of money to a charity, or perhaps someone who helps us get back on track when we have lost our way.


Every day life however does not usually offer us the opportunity to do something as big or significant, so we begin to think that anything we do have to offer could not possibly be enough. It is easy then to believe that our offering would have little or no impact, but in most cases our simple and often innocent action has a further reaching consequence than what first seems apparent.


Sometimes we are presented with moments that are life changing.


Two paths cross, our hearts have been touched and we are changed forever.


It is simple to measure the impact we have in this type of interaction.


Sometimes, it takes the more subtle form of a simple act of kindness toward another.


Perhaps a smile, a kind word, some gentle encouragement, taking an interest and asking someone how they are, or sometimes it is as simple as acknowledging someone with a simple hello.


Any action that causes another to feel acknowledged, significant or special, even in the simplest of ways will count here. All of these actions no matter how small can have implications beyond what first appears apparent on the surface.


These events while seemingly insignificant to the giver can have a very profound effect on the person receiving. You just don’t know how your one word can change someone’s thinking or someone’s planned course of action, and then you don’t know what impact that will have on them and the people around them. We have all heard stories about how someone’s life completely turned around because of one such simple act.


Remember the most profound and significant changes happen in the quiet whispers and in the gentle words not in the shouts and screams.


Sometimes we get to hear about the effect our actions have had, and sometimes we will never know, but the beautiful thing about unconditional giving is that you cannot give and in some way not receive.


Just take a moment then to ask yourself, when was your life enhanced or changed by someone who was kind to you for no real reason? When did someone’s smile, act of patience, word of encouragement or forgiveness touch you in a profound way, and how did that experience uplift you and perhaps redirect your course?


Angels come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes we see their wings....and sometimes we don’t.


Don’t underestimate your ability to touch another and to help another heal...because maybe, just maybe...on that chose to be the angel in disguise.


I recently read a story that highlights how a simple act of kindness, can change a life and in this case the lives of many.


It is profound in its simplicity and magical in its impact, and will be sure to touch your heart.


You can read more by clicking here


Don’t forget to shine your light today and make a difference :)

A Way To Soar!


Life has a tendency to fly by.


One day turns into the next and before you know it, the year is over.


We only have one life.


Each day is precious and should be lived to its fullest – we all know this but how may of us are actually doing it?


With this in mind, it is important to make choices that will see our dreams come true, so we can live a life that is filled with magic, excitement and happiness.


I have written Believe Achieve Soar! to provide you with a step-by-step guide for turning your dreams into a reality. It is not your traditional word-heavy book, rather, its pages are filled with colour, inspiring quotes and easy-to-understand information. Even though the book can be read quickly, its message is powerful and can be easily embraced by anyone reading it.


In its simplicity, it has the power to transform lives – it has transformed mine!


My hope is that the book touches the hearts of those who read it (including yours!) in the most beautiful and profound way. I would love for people to feel uplifted, inspired and filled with hope and the possibility that they are fully equipped with the tools they need to make their dream life a reality.


If this is something that you think might help you in your life, you can order a copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.