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Each person has at their core a Divine Spark, a light.


This light is perfect in every way.


It is the very essence of WHO you are. It requires nothing. It is whole, complete.


It knows the answer to every question you could possibly ask and it knows the best way to guide you to your happiness.


It is full of infinite potential and possibilities and in its own right is not limited in any way.


This spark is active within you right now.


The first step to living the life of your dreams is to identify and acknowledge that you are more than what you see in the mirror.





During this phase, you learn the tools that enable you to reconnect with this Divine aspect of yourself.


The emphasis is on learning to connect, communicate and embrace all the gifts that this union brings.


You begin to feel more content and peaceful within yourself. Subtle shifts that align you with your happiness begin to take place and your spirit is able to expresses itself more freely.


You start to become more comfortable and confident with WHO you have discovered yourself to be.


The second step to living the life of your dreams is to embrace and accept that you have something unique and special to share with the world.


Now that you are feeling happier, emotionally freer, and more peaceful, it is time to set your sights higher.


During this phase, you allow yourself to Dream BIG.


At this point, you allow those quiet dreams that you have kept hidden away rise to the surface. These are the dreams that make you light up inside when you think about them, but in most cases have felt so out of reach that you believed that they would never come to pass.


You begin to see possibilities, doors begin to open and now what seemed impossible suddenly is filled with the energy of hope and promise.


The third step to living the life of our dreams is walking in the direction of your destiny.



The very nature of your Divine Spark is to expand and grow.


Its purpose is to share of itself and be of service to another.


During this phase you continue to walk along your guided path, embracing opportunities to express your spirit through acts of kindness. You share your unique gifts and talents with all those around you and you feel that in some way you are making a difference.


At the same time, you turn your attention toward yourself, and with the same kindness and nurturing that you would extend to another, you now give to you, and in doing so you honour the connection that you have with your Spirit


The fourth step to living the life of your dreams is shining your light and reminding others to do the same.



During this phase you allow happiness and contentment to be your way of life.


At this time your priorities are focused on what makes you feel alive and fulfilled inside.


You seek to become more productive, and you interact more openly with people and activities that engage your Spirit. In this new awareness you begin to notice and appreciate the little things in life that make you smile.


Fulfilment is found not within the things you can buy, but rather only in the things that can be experienced.


The fifth step to living the life of your dreams is embracing the magic and wonder that is around you.



At this point you have been equipped with all the tools that you need in order to move forward.


You have learnt that you are more than what you thought you were.


The Divine source of love and wisdom that resides within you has been acknowledged and embraced, and you now know how to tap into that inner power at any time to help you on your way.


You have learnt to express your Spirit by sharing your unique gifts and talents, and you know how amazing it feels to make a difference to another. You have learnt to nurture and give to yourself and dream the dreams that fill you.


You now appreciate what is important and peace, happiness and joy have become your objective.


In this beautiful energy you are said to be aligned with your Spirit.


In that aligned energy everything you truly desire can be brought to you easily and without effort.


At this point the sixth step to living a life of your dreams is to simply allow it to be.